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Privacy Policy

(last update 12 February 2017 - v. 1.0)

Written by: Marco Foi


eGEO Compass is a small piece of software turning an Adndoid based smartphone into a DIGITAL GEOLOGICAL COMPASS.

eGEO Compass relies on three sensors usually available on any Android based device:

- GPS antenna
- Accelerometer
- Magnetic field sensor

More, a few other details are collected and facilities used from your phone during App activities:

- Device ID & call information
- Device storage

As you can see, when you install the app you DO NOT GRANT Internet access permission to the App. This means eGEO Compass cannot share any of the data it collects with anyone nor transfer them to any online Server of Cloud Service.

In short, while using this app you can trust my claim:

eGEO Compass is respecting you Privacy and is not disclosing any personal detail about you or any data about how, where and when you are using the app.
All data you collect is completely yours, lives in the app and, where allowed by the licence level, can be extracted just by you.

Feel free to contact me for further enquiries.

Effective from: 12 February 2017.