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Styling geology with SLD inside BeeGIS and uDig
(18 july 2010)

Designed and Developed by: Marco Foi

SLD (also known as 'Styled Layer Descriptor') allows for the custom styling of vector and raster geographical data.
Many open source softwares dealing with maps support this kind of markup language.

BeeGIS and uDig have been used to develop and test this example,
but the result could have been used to publish geological data
using the Geoserver framework and other WebGIS related software.


The proposed styling was developed to enable effective usage of SLD capable GIS softwares while dealing with geological data layers.

The example only shows four layers whose content is thought as beeing collected in the field,
while the fifth level (lab_limiti) should be the one used during office work in the attempt to draw the definitive geological map of the area.

Styled layers:

Layer name Layer content
"giaciture" Rock Bedding orientation showing dip and strike
"strutturale" Fault planes showing dip and strike
"limiti" Contacts between rock formarions, as recognised in the field
"lab_limiti" Contacts between rock formations, as reworked in office post-processing
"affioramenti" Outcrops location and extension (rock names refer to the Umbria-Marche carbonatic succession [central italy])

giaciture - rock bedding

strutturale - faults dip and strike

limiti - 'on-the-field' contacts between rocks

limiti - contacts between rocks

affioramenti - rock outcrops