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ArcProfili v.1.0: an ArcPad customization for soil profile description
(May 2006)

Designed and Developed by: Marco Foi
Starting Idea and Data Schema: Luca Trombino


Quickly capture location of pedological soil profiles.
- - -
Manage global profile description and the "one-to-many" relationship with the composing soil horizons.
- - -
Integrates standard colouring name from Munsell Tables.

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"ArcProfili v.1.0" is a VBS customization of ArcPad 7.0 targeted to the field pedologist.

It's main goal is to speed up data collection, reduce typos,
preserve data consistency across different field surveys and
minimize influence from user subjectivity.

Typing is reduced to few 'note' fields while most of the input is done
through drop-down lists.

Application logic controls internal data consistency.
The shapefile, containing the pedological profile locations and their general description,
is supported by a second DBF file that stores data about the soil horizonts.

The "one-to-many" relationship between the profile and its composing horizonts
is managed by software routines.
No user activity is required thus saving from the risk of potential mistakes in code assignment.


In this way the ArcPad 7.0 complete lack of any support for table relationships is overridden.


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