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! NEW !

International Patent No. WO2014122256

Pocket LAI


eGEO Compass Logo

First DIGITAL COMPASS for GEOLOGY ever bulit for Android based phones.
It is written in Java and requires Android v. 1.5 or above

Key Features & Credits | User Manual | Download version 1.0.11

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OpenLayers map of Furlo Gorges

! NEW !

Still playing with old data: OpenLayers WebGIS map of Furlo Gorges

The nice "qgis2web" plugin of our beloved QGIS allows to create a fully portable verion of (mostly-) any QGIS Project we create: all data is converted to JSON and parsed by OpenLayers 3. Feature attributes can be queried with a click. Switch-off background layer for peering topmost ones!

- Access the WebApp -

FuzzyWeb : an online web application for computing fuzzy indexes

FuzzyWeb : an online web application for computing fuzzy indexes

Fuzzy-Calc allows to apply fuzzy logic for the calculation of indicators starting from an indefinite number of indexes in the form of continuous variables.
Developed using Wicket Web Framework and deployed on Google App Engine.

- Access the WebApp -

CI-Slam model for the JGrassTools

CI-Slam : a module for assessing susceptibility to hydrologically controlled shallow landslides

A model, developed in Java within the JGrassTools framework, to derive from geomechanical and hydrological parameters the Safety Factor map of a basin. The tool is based on the notable paper by Lanni, C. et Alii (2012).

- read the Tutorial -

Samsung Slate 7 - GPS Manager

Web Harvester: a Web Service client with RESTful interface

A Web Service Client prototype, developed in Php, that interacts through a distributed and service oriented architecture with tree Service Providers using SOAP messaging.

- try the client -

il SegnalaRifiuti

il SegnalaRifiuti

Google Maps mashup for illegal dumping control.

- link to application -

Dynamic stats

Dynamic stats with Google Chart API

Google Chart API used to create stats from dynamic dataset

- link to application -

Segnalazioni Via Web

Segnalazioni Via Web
per la Provincia di Pesaro ed Urbino

Google Maps mashup for provincial roads management.

- link to application -

Samsung Slate 7 - GPS Manager

GPS Manager for Samsung Slate 7

Not GIS indeed.. ...but related to digital field mapping.
May you own a Samsung Slate 7, you could find my manual an tool useful for
first enabling then turning the GPS unit on and off.

- read the manual -

Geology of Furlo Gorges in

Porting of Axios Tools in uDig

Axios Spatial Editing Tool were ported in uDig core and are now available in uDig 1.3.2 (and following). Java coding in the Eclipse / uDig framework.

- view official blog post -

Geology of Furlo Gorges in

Geology of the Furlo Gorges in

Some of the origilnal shapefiles of the Furlo Gorges geological map,
displayed through the web service.

- view map -

Geology of the Furlo Gorges in KML

Geology of the Furlo Gorges in KMZ

A map of the geology of the Furlo Gorges State Reserve,
developed as part of my PhD Thesis.

- link to description and file download -

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License

WebGIS Monte S. Giorgio UNESCO

WebGIS Monte S. Giorgio UNESCO

Webgis of the UNESCO site: Monte San Giorgnio (CH - IT)
Developed using
UNM Mapserver 4.10 & pMapper.

- link to screenshots : no demo -

WebGIS Western Rift M.nt Etna

WebGIS W-Rift M.nt Etna

Webgis of the Western Rift of Mount Etna.
Developed using
UNM PHP MApscript 4.10.
Field Data: Bellotti F., Groppelli G.

- link to screenshots : no demo -


ArcProfili v.1.0.

ArcPad 7.0 customization for field data acquisition devoted to pedologic profile and soil description.

- link to application description with screenshots -

- - -

Discontinued projects, prototypes and old,
boring stuff kept just for memory:

My preferred dining places:

Furlo KML overlays:

Some landslides arount Urbino - KML overlay:

Prototypes for map-based citizen-contributed notifications:





Slat 7 - GPS Manager ! NEW ! Slate 7 - GPS Manager

Small .NET 2.0 tool to start and stop the internal GPS unit of the
Samsng Slate 7 tablet PC

Geology Styling with SLD 
Extensible example of using SLD (Styled Layer Descriptors) for styling shapefiles of geological content (dips, contacts, etc.) in BeeGIS/uDig
'Collezione Franchin'
map 'n backup page.
Geocoded Location stored as WGS84 Lat/Lon in a database table serve the creation of on-the-fly marker in Google Maps mashups.
PostgreSQL based (temporary offline) | MySQL based
GIT 2009 Cagli: Field Trip
Google Map's API: KML data managed with Javascript classes extension by prototyping (many docs here).
Grapes Food & Wine around Urbino
Small Google Map mashup showing the "Front End" (view only) of a myMap edited online using the standard Gaoogle Map account.
Furlo Field-Mapping Data
Openlayers & Geoserver.
GIT 2008 Offida: Field Trip Webgis
Openlayers collecting data from Geoserver and Google Maps.
Landslides areas:
slow KML vs fast TileLayer
Google Map's API: polygons loaded from a vector KML file (viewable also with the NEW Google Earth browser plugin) or as a custom raster TileLayer.
Furlo Paths and Touristic points Google Map's API: loading KML files.


ORIANO MercanteMy favourite organic Wine
ORIANO Mercante
"Rosso Conero Riserva DOCG"

awarded with the "Excellence Mention" in 2009Rubeus Award


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